Technologies currently exist which can make traditional top-down governmental power structures obsolete.

MultiLevel Governance (MLG) is an exercise in the possibility that people can associate and get necessary things done without the recourse to Government.

Associating, and then organizing action using MLG, will allow you to reach your goals without the need to alienate the decision-making processes from yourselves. When you pay for a stretch of highway, you will be assured that the best contractors have been found to do the best job for the least expense. Your money need not flow into a general governmental slush fund that any itinerant politician can access for some of his or her pet projects – ignoring for their term of office what the folks who elected them really want or need.

So if it's a highway you want, you won't later find out that your money was used to fund the infiltration of the local Association of Librarians.

Please review the articles I have posted here. The Menu at the top of each page will allow you to select what most interests you. But, to make anything actually happen, recognize that it will take an effort on your part, along with others who see some potential in my ideas. It is to you that I hand this methodology, to investigate and develop so that it becomes a viable alternative to the status quo – Government.

On the What's Needed page, I outline what I think is needed to develop my ideas into an efficient machine for action.


John Huckel, founder
Project MultiLevel Governance


MLG is and always will be a work in progress.