I envision that one of the greatest changes brought about by a MLG-oriented society will be in the true liberation and empowerment of women. The femininity of women will regain its proper emphasis in and guidance of Society. And since men will no longer be living on a constant war footing, they will be able to get back to solving problems, and building things.

As we have seen, by definition, the primary purpose of Government is in the use of Force by the Group to fight other Groups when needed. Protection from, and the conquering of other Groups has at times been necessary for the survival of one’s own Group. Government has been the means to the end of projecting that Force. And the bigger the Group, the bigger the Government, and the more Force it can project. In a world where projecting Force is the main purpose of banding together, bigger is always better, and the NWO, One-World Government, is the logical endgame of the Social-Contract determined Society.

In the context of the Social Contract – in a world teeming with aliens, strangers, and enemies – the above use of Force is all well and good. But those days have past! Today there are fewer and fewer real conflicts between Peoples, fewer gut-wrenching enemies causing men to spurt testosterone and adrenalin, so there is less and less use of the tool of Government for it primary purpose: Protection. Of secondary importance to projecting Force on other Groups, has been a Government’s use of Force to organize its own members – to project the Force of the Group inwards onto its individual citizens, guiding them towards the proscribed activities of that Society. Now it is being used more and more through endless regulations to force its people to use toilet tanks of a certain size, cross the street only where the lines are painted, and practice free speech in specified zones. It’s getting to the point where Government will force folks to wipe their feet before they come in the house, to share, and to play nice. Clean feet, sharing and playing nice are all admirable qualities, but they don’t really require the force of Government to bring them about – they are more the result of individual character and situational interpersonal relations. And these milder interests are definitely not why folks initially banded together under a Social Contract. The Social Contract makes sense only as a survival arrangement in the face of a brutal Law-of-the-Jungle context. It is basically a tool of war!

Fighting (projecting Force) has always been primarily a very guy thing. Men are generally bigger than women, and like to fight rather than cook and take care of the kids. And although I am obviously painting with broad strokes, women in general do tend more towards scolding kids and husbands, and then nurturing them once they are behaving. Beating them into submission is not generally a woman’s style. Women, starting when they are little girls, are more apt to cooperate towards achieving goals than are little boys. Women tend to be gentler in their activities – but they too live in a Force-oriented society. Their more pacific qualities have traditionally been called upon to support men in preparing for wars, and then patching them up when the lucky ones come limping home. If women were to truly assert themselves in Society, force and fighting are not the means they would normally use to reach their ends.

Government is the wrong tool to apply to problems of the household; it is much more of a testosterone-driven device, specifically developed for warring. And just because it is the most prevalent societal tool currently available, is no reason to think that it should be used for solving domestic problems. Granted, it is not just that it is currently available, for 10,000 years it has been the dominant tool available, so folks think that it the only tool possible for social organization. But that is not true! The Social Contract once had undeniable utility – but that was only up to the point that folks could easily communicate and get to know each other in spite of differences of language, bodies, cultures, etc. Developments in technology have dissolved those differences, and now offer other means for defense to secure survival. It is the emergence of those very technologies which has taken the mystery out of those other folks who traditionally had been so strange – strange enough that the Criminals among us could paint them as Enemies. Agreement and accommodation can now replace conflict and forced civilization. This is a window of opportunity for women as a Group to assert gentler methods for solving problems. The dawn of the Age of Aquarius beckons – but we won’t get there with Government agents continually brandishing guns to solve all the problems of Society.

Women are by nature more sociable than men – more gregarious. Whether talking on the phone, or over the back fence – they sororize. To sororize is a term along the lines of the more masculine term, fraternize. It is a warmer, fuzzier form of socializing which may be without any purpose beyond creating a foundation of community and understanding, upon which later action can proceed. But when one thinks of fraternizing, there can be the smell of gunpowder and the hint of with the enemy, lurking in the background. With guys, socializing is more within the context of competition. Such male bonding is in part a sparring, a measuring of the other, to determine a physical pecking order. Throughout the Age of the Social Contract, might definitely made right. Physical strength has been supreme – it has permeated all aspects of Society, and has been the measure of all else. But projecting force is not the forte of the fair sex. Women, being physically weaker than men, have long been relegated to second class status in contests with men. It is only the more masculine of women who can join the boys at their own game and win. Throughout the Age of the Social Contract – due to the elevation of men – relatively few women have been able to demonstrate their parity or superiority to men in many areas, to the extent of affecting society at large. This is because the Social Contract enshrined the motto, Might Makes Right, which left women in the shadows, while men strutted and posed in the limelight.

At a time when enemies are getting scarce, male projection of Force is becoming less necessary for the survival of the Group. Men as a group have developed a split personality. If they work for the Government in the Police or the Army, they are expected to exaggerate their more macho tendencies and be violent; but if they don't work for the Government, they are expected to suppress their macho instincts and act like wimps. Overt masculinity is less Politically Correct in the daily lives of most men, and its societal occurrences are being increasingly repressed by the emerging Nanny State – to the extent of drugging into a torpor any schoolkid who acts like a healthy rambunctious little boy. Without outside enemies, the power of Government will continue to be turned inward and focused on the hapless Individuals living under its sway. And as the 20th Century’s death toll statistics have shown, the worst enemy of a people is not necessarily a foreign enemy, but often their own Government in the hands of some twisted know-best social engineer. Plus a Social Contract/Force- drenched Society without enemies and therefore without real utility, if not set aside as neolithic, will continue to emasculate men and masculate women, to the detriment of both. Such a Society still based upon Force will continue to favor men, by virtue of their physical dominance. Women’s Liberation will not be a fact until the stain of Force is washed out of Society as its basic pattern.

Women! Please seize upon this window of opportunity. MultiLevel Governance is a tool which can truly liberate you; it can rescue us all from the total control of a Society under the NWO. And it can enable you to at long last assert your parity with men – now that bulging muscles need no longer be the measure of all else.